Independent Project Suggestion - Freight Class Calculator

If you’re like me - finding an ‘independent’ project to work on that isn’t ‘overly complicated’ can be a bit of a chore. I often come up with big projects yet when you’re trying to build your portfolio, sometimes smaller projects are more helpful.

After doing one of my weekly tasks this morning - I realized there was a potential project recreation I could do that shouldn’t take that long that could look good.

Calling it the freight class calculator - for an example see here

It’s a simple little thing - you input your dimensions (in inches) and your weight in lbs - and it gives you your freight class - which is defined underneath as a factor of the density (in lbs per cubic feet).

And if you think it’s boring - here’s some suggested improvements

  • include other dimensions aside from inches - be it feet or meters lbs or kilos - and a drop down to indicate which dimension measures are being used
  • currently if you leave one of the dimensions blank your returned density will be “Infinity” so you could include a validation check when they click the ‘get density’ button to make sure they’ve filled out all the appropriate fields (it will also calculate a freight class if you have no weight included as well)

Maybe you’re not looking for a ‘non FCC’ project to solve on your own - but if you are I think this one is kind of tidy, small, and requires problem solving and design that should strengthen your learned skills with less hand holding.

(If this is in the wrong category or inappropriate - I apologize)


I did a similar thing a few months back, making a pace calculator for distance running.

I used to use this:

But it has a horrible mobile UI, so I set myself the project of making it from scratch in a responsive way. It ended up being trickier than I imagined as the conversion maths took me a little time to reason out, but I had fun making it :slight_smile:

Wow that does seem involved - i was pretty sure mine was basic math - just a lot of division - but you have to ‘capture’ user input - you can make sure it’s in there - and if you make it more complicated you gotta be able to convert from different measurements to the standard that calculates the result (lbs / sq foot) -