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Hi. I am working on the first do it yourself project in the HTML coding program and am having an issue with a label/fieldset. I have a label surrounding a radio group, but it is not showing the question (the initial label) on the page. I included a label for each of the radio inputs so I could change the color because for some reason it wouldn’t change the text color based on a class I assigned to the input, but once I added those labels within the larger label with the question, the question disappeared off the site page. Also, I have a select element in a fieldset above the fieldset with the radio group, but the two elements are appearing like inline elements instead of with the spacing of all the other fieldsets that I have. I have checked the spelling and that the elements have been closed, so I am not sure what’s wrong.

Hello there. I am sure that we can not help you with your project. If it was a step then yes we can guide you on the lesson but not on your project in the same way.

All good, It actually just wasn’t loading the information properly. I ended up closing out the program completely and reloading it and the code was working, my computer is not meant for coding. The only reason I was asking was because it literally made no sense haha, thanks tho!

It is k. No worries. This forum is for all of us to support our journey. If this is something you want to explore, I am trying to help you be ready. So when you are getting on the forum for help that is how it is done. What is going on with your computer? You said it is not good for coding? Maybe we can help you figure it out together. Then you can enjoy learning coding like you want? Let me know on here if I can help you?

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