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I have this weird issue. I must use index.Year instead of item.Year. Everyone else seems to use item and it works in the rest of the code, but not for tooltip. I don’t understand why.
Below is the piece of code, link to codepen is:

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    .on('mouseover', (item, index) => {
        .style('visibility', 'visible')
      if (index.Doping != '') {
        tooltip.text(`${index.Year} - ${index.Name} - ${index.Time} - ${index.Doping}`)
      } else {
        tooltip.text(`${index.Year} - ${index.Name} - ${index.Time} - no allegation`)
      tooltip.attr('data-year', index.Year)

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Hi @danmikes ,

Try doing a console.log(item, index); inside your .on mouseover function.

The item variable is a MouseEvent which holds all the details about the mouse co-ordinates, etc
And the index variable is your data point over which the mouse was hovered.

The reason why it worked differently for others is probably due to the d3 version. I guess they are using an older version than you.

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Thanks a lot for your response! console.log(item) shows undefined, and index shows the value. How interesting that this suddenly changed with a new version of d3. I would have never thought of this. I must have tried index out of pure curiosity! Thanks again for your swift answer!

Try hovering over a data point in the graph to see ‘item’ on the console. I could see the MouseEvent details.

I know…I struggled a lot with different d3 versions!! :sweat_smile:

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