IndexError: list index out of range _ for loop in jsondata

Please have a look into py and json files in the link below.

how can I modify for loop code in py file to scrape json file completely?

All developers, programmers, etc. seem like terribly selfish and does not need to reply even so simple and easy questions like mine.

I dont understand then what is the function of programming forum like this.

Please put your project up on GitHub or an online IDE such as or . Having the project there allows users to look at your code with the option of cloning. Using forces users to download files without knowing what is in them.

Making statements like this will likely cause users to ignore your topic completely. This forum is basically ran by volunteers. Many of the top contributors to the forum already have a full-time job in software and graciously donate their time to the community when they can. Also, not everyone specializes in all software languages. The core of freeCodeCamp is focused on JavaScript. The python curriculum is fairly limited at the moment but will continue to expand as new curriculum challenges are added in the future. Please understand that it make take up to a week in some case for users to reply to certain topic.

In your case, if you would have uploaded the project to GitHub 3 days ago, I would have probably looked at it within a few hours after you posted the topic and attempted a reply.

thanks for your msgs and warnings in a such friendly and sincere way like this Randell.
I take your valuable suggestions into account and ll follow those paths immediately.
Thank you so much.
Nice evening.

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