Indexing and increment on for loop

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On the first iteration of the code below, does “i” index as it’s declared value of “0” or does it index as “1” because of the increment? Is the value of “i” only incremented after the first iteration is executed? For example: on the first round is it “product *= arr[0]” or “product *= arr[1]”

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     function multiply(arr, n) {
    var product = 1;
    for (var i = 0; i < n; i++) {
        product *= arr[i];
    return product;

function sum(arr, n) {
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It is 0 in the first iteration.

for(<this gets done before the first iteration>; <this gets checked before each iteration>; <this is done at the end of each iteration>) {
  // loop body

That’s great, thanks for the help!

I’m glad I could help. Happy coding!