Infinite login loop : backend development

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I get into an infinite login in loop when I try to do the
challenges. I just recently completed one so now I’m stuck.

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Challenge: Celestial Bodies Database - Build a Celestial Bodies Database

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Not sure what you mean. Can you describe the steps to recreate this issue?

Okay first I hit the start the project button.

Start the project button

Next I get taken to this screen. Where CodeAlly wants me to sign in.

CodeAlly sign in screen

From there I get taken to the CodeAlly authorization screen.

CodeAlly authorization screen

I’m very confused and not entirely sure what’s going on. It was working okay prior to my last relational database project ( The SQL Command reference thing) getting completed.

After that I get some strange error. I’m not sure what could cause it. I don’t remember fully signing up for CodeAlly or anything. My account was never fully activated on there.