Infinite Loop - Sum All Numbers in Range

I have passed this exercise and a working solution is shown below so it is blurred.

I was playing with the input numbers and was seeing how high it could go and ran into the error message (this will happen when one of the inputs is >1200000):

Potential infinite loop detected on line 5. Tests may fail if this is not changed.

I don’t see how there would be an infinite loop here. Is this just a case of it taking too long to process so it gives that error?

Thank you for the help!

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function sumAll(arr) {
let sumArr = 0;
let min=Math.min(...arr);
let max=Math.max(...arr);
for (let i=min; i<=max; i++) {
    sumArr = sumArr + i;
return sumArr;

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Challenge: Sum All Numbers in a Range

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Exactly this. There is actually a formula to find the sum much, much faster that will avoid this warning.

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