Infinite Loop while debugging

Hello Support,

Unfortunately, whilst attempting

I created an infinite loop by reseting the index as opposed to the array. Now I can’t seem to open the exercise at all, even to reset the code and try again.

I’ve tried resetting the window, reopening the browser, logging out and in again, but sadly nothing has worked so far.

Would it be possible for someone who has the rights to reset my code for this particular exercise?

I’m no expert here, but it’s late and I’m guessing you won’t get an answer for a while.

I’m guessing the problem is that the solution is stored in your browser cache and it is loading and auto-running each time you load it. (I HATE AUTO-RUN!) I would clear out your browser cache, or maybe try a different browser.

Thanks Kevin. I’ll give those a try.

Did you get it all sorted out?

I had a few issues with the cache, but managed to get around it on Safari.

Thank you all