Information secruity, wrong helmet version being installed

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Challenge: Install and Require Helmet

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for whatever reason everytime i install helmet, package.json is saying it has the latest version of 4.6.0 rather than 3.23.3. I have done this multiple times and have used the command " npm install helmet@3.23.3" yet it is still saying i have 4.6.0

also upodated my code in the myApp.js file to:

var express = require('express');

var helmet = require('helmet');

var app = express();



anyone out there that can help? im using replit

What command line instruction are you using to install it:

Note the instructions:

Install Helmet version 3.21.3 , then require it. You can install a specific version of a package with npm install --save-exact package@version , or by adding it to your package.json directly.

That is telling you exactly how to do it and specify the exact version number - something we have to do sometimes with packages - sometimes we don’t want the latest version.

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