Information Security and Quality Assurance Projects - Anonymous Message Board Glitch

Hello, just came to drop off a tiny qualm with the Glitch Template for the Anonymous Message Board project.
It won’t be a big issue once the student implements their own front-end, but the sample board.html view constructs a form element with name="report_id" on line 53 where it renders its value, Thread ID. The function attached to the report button in this form serializes this element to supply it to the PUT method for reporting the thread. One of the user stories describing the requirements for that route states the field thread_id should be passed along to it. When testing my API routes it meant changing the script in board.html or implementing a workaround for that button in the API. Not a big deal but it took me a minute to realize why I couldn’t pull thread_id from the request body when using the test front-end.

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