Information Security and Quality Assurance Projects - Anonymous Message Board

The last project

Ok so I see a list of user stories and some fields under API tests.
What am I supposed to do now?

When replying to an existing message ““Cast to Number failed for value “NaN” at path “replycount”””

O.k my fault ,that was old post, which missing definitions in schematypes of replycount.
It’s like Facebook comments.

Ok so maybe do some testing before asking for feedback :wink:

Hi there. Since you have completed this project, can you help me by checking if I’m on the right track. I can redirect to the specific board but I can’t seem to be able to display any data.

I would really appreciate the help of a senior like you :slight_smile:

it take also some times to me to understand what is problem. in previous projects you have single problems with get or post. Now in first you posted information to DB and redirect, so no informations is displayed. So than second step is get the information and show. If you look in HTMl there is

ar url = "/api/replies/"+currentURL[0];
          type: "GET",
          url: url,
          data:{thread_id: currentURL[1]},
          success: function(ele)
            var boardThreads= [];

If you want more, check me.
and also look here

Thank you for that tip.:slight_smile:

Sorry for disturbing again. I have completed the Anonymous Message Board project thanks to your help. I am still facing issues with the Nasdaq Stock Price project. Do you mind sharing with me how you ensured that only 1 like per IP is allowed?

It is easy you already probably know the hard way. DB

Thank you sooo much for your assistance :slight_smile: . You’ve really helped me a lot over the past few days.

This helping give me a lot, and I found the solving problems takes similar times and rest, you cannot speeded up.
A, it always teach something new when I helps with problems which I was not in or I found the different aproach-way was better than my.