Information Security and Quality Assurance Projects - Issue Tracker Please Help

I confused about this project and I do not know how to start this project

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  1. Log in to Glitch through your GitHub account.
  2. On the fcc curriculum project page, click on ‘this link’ in the section that looks like this:
  • Start this project on Glitch using this link or clone this repository on GitHub! If you use Glitch, remember to save the link to your project somewhere safe!
  1. You should now be in the Glitch project, have a look at the server.js file.
  2. You’ll see that the file api.js from the routes folder has been required in server.js:
    var apiRoutes = require('./routes/api.js');
    Go to api.js and look at the four methods you’re going to have to write the logic for in order to make your issue tracker work.
    .get(function (req, res){
      var project = req.params.project;
    .post(function (req, res){
      var project = req.params.project;
    .put(function (req, res){
      var project = req.params.project;
    .delete(function (req, res){
      var project = req.params.project;
  1. Now, look at user story number 2:
  1. I can POST /api/issues/{projectname} with form data containing required issue_title , issue_text , created_by , and optional assigned_to and status_text .

Figure out the code you’re going to put into your post() method to make it satisfy this story. Go to index.html in the views folder and check out the html forms to see what information you’ll have to extract from req.body in order to fulfill the POST request.
Check out this link if you need help with that.

Just take it one user story at a time until the project big picture starts to make sense to you.

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