Information Security and Quality Assurance Projects - Stock Price Checker: Workaround Site Broken

The provided freecodecamp site for getting stock information doesn’t seem to be working right now. The site is

When I go there, I get this error:

 failed to start application on

 This is most likely because your project has a code error.
 Check your project logs, fix the error and try again.

It has been working in my app and in the freecodecamp’s project example app before, but today it’s not working.

When I type “goog”, in their example app (, I should get returned the proper stock info, but instead I get this: {“stockData”:{“error”:“external source error”,“likes”:1}}

Is anyone else having this problem?

I created an issue on GitHub about it. Once one of the core team members gets a chance, they will resolve it quickly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for the quick fix, looks like it’s back up and working. Merry Christmas!