Information security first task not workingggg

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above is the code pls help
hello im doing first task and i required helmet 3.21.3 and refresh it and checked the package.json and i found the 3.21.3 of helmet and then in myApp.js i require helmet by const helmet = require(‘helmet’); anddd itss telling please require helmet in package.json like loook its here “helmet”: “^3.21.3” thats it and its there why not accepting my project any helppp?

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Challenge: Install and Require Helmet

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Welcome, amadhoun.

This might be relevant, but it is difficult to tell, without seeing your code: Information Security first lesson - JavaScript - The freeCodeCamp Forum

the code sir

Thank you, for that.

It appears something has gone wrong with the cloning process. Your boilerplate is missing a lot of code. Specifically, in the server.js file (which is essential for the tests): boilerplate-infosec/server.js at gomix · freeCodeCamp/boilerplate-infosec (

I recommend you reclone the boilerplate and start again.

EDIT: Actually, it appears you did not clone the boilerplate at all? I recommend you head over to the first lesson, and use the provided link to either:

  • Work on the project using
  • Clone the boilerplate into whichever environment you want.

Hope this helps