Information security helmet JS, unable to complete

Hi all, first time posting as I’ve usually been able to figure it out but this has me stumped. I’m trying to submit my solution for the challenge “Install and Require Helmet” which I tried to complete on and glitch. Both of them give me the error helmet version 3.21.3 should be in package.json
Heres a link to my current project

I’ve tried submitting it with the carat ^ and without in front of the helmet version.

I’ve also tried it with chrome and firefox neither one seem to work and are giving some sort of error in the dev tools and is blocking package.json

Any help would be appreciated. I can add photos if required.

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Welcome to the forums @chaowse.

It just worked for me. Make sure you run the project on and paste the link above the picture-in-picture browser for the live project into the fCC test (your link was

Good luck.