Information Security Projects - Anonymous Message Board

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POST route /api/replies/{board}

Problem in understanding response structure
I think my response for this route complete all requirements.
I don’t know what is lacking for this test to not pass.

Github link: freecodecamp-information-security-projects/project-messageboard at main · nkp1111/freecodecamp-information-security-projects · GitHub

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solution: boilerplate-project-messageboard (1) - Replit

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Challenge: Information Security Projects - Anonymous Message Board

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I started again and stuck at
POST route api/replies/{board}

This is response for the route.
It was not passing this route and I don’t get what is missing from the response.

"_id": "63ca8406c6703b55eb3ca625",
"board": "test",
"text": "test",
"created_on": "2023-01-20T12:06:37.095Z",
"bumped_on": "2023-01-20T12:07:53.456Z",
"reported": false,
"delete_password": "test",
"replies": [{
            "text": "test",
            "created_on": "2023-01-20T12:07:53.205Z",
            "reported": false,
            "delete_password": "tst",
            "_id": "63ca8419c6703b55eb3ca627"
"__v": 1

The problem was in micro-seconds.
When I was creating a new reply I set reply creation time created_on.
And later I assigned new time to thread bumped_on key on Thread model.
There was a slight difference in time.
I assigned a variable for time and give both the reply created_on and thread bumped_on same time.

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