Information Security Track

Hi all,
My question is simple, I want to take the Information Security track, Is it enough to have a job as a start in this field?
Thanks for your help.

What is the title I will get from this track guys?

I am not sure that is enough…

What other experience do you have in coding?

Also, no title, you get a certification of completion.

Thanks ilenia for reply. I have previous experince in Java,C#,PHP and some of Java script also I have an expeince in IT field and know some of CCNA.

The Information Security certification has as prerequisites full-stack MERN and Python

How long does it take to learn regularly?

It is impossible for us to guess how long it will take for you personally to learn the material, let alone become job ready.

We provide a very rough estimate of 300 hrs per certificate, but it varies widely.

In my honest opinion, you never stop learning.
Do you want to pass a test/curriculum or to gain knowledge an apply it?
You mentioned that you have some experience in IT, so grab a seat and continue your journey. :slight_smile:

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Yes, you are right I am eager to learn technology and can’t stop it and its addiction for me.
I need to learn not to just pass but I am asking about the time because I need a job, so my main question was is it enough to start a career? Or should take something before?

It is impossible for us to say how long it will take you to become job ready.

Let suppose that 300 hrs will be learned very well in 2 months, Is it right to start from this point? Or I am missing the way?

I have no idea if you will be job ready in two months. That is still, literally impossible for me to guess.

Where should I start from?

follow the curriculum here and keep asking questions, be it here or google. try and change search engine, you would be surprised what results you get.

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