Information Security with HelmetJS - Hide Potentially Dangerous Information

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const express = require(‘express’);
const app = express();
const helmet = require(‘helmet’);

The code fails to pass the tests, although the documentation for HelmetJS says this is the correct way to get it done.

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Information Security with HelmetJS - Hide Potentially Dangerous Information Using helmet.hidePoweredBy()

Based off of Ganesh H’s YouTube video for this exercise, I followed these steps, because the test marks correct code as incorrect.

o View > Terminal > New Terminal
o npm uninstall helmet
o npm install helmet@2.3.0
o Check the package.json file to make sure the HelmetJS version is correct.
o In myApp.js, make sure to require HelmetJS. Then:
o Instead of: app.use(helmet.hidePoweredBy());
o Write: app.use(helmet.hidePoweredBy({ setTo: ‘PHP 4.2.0’ }));
o Submit the GitPod solution link to freeCodeCamp. It will fail. Wait about twenty minutes (or more).
o Re-submit the link. It should be marked as correct. The time to wait may vary.

After waiting, the link still fails. Is there another way to get the code to pass?