Information Security with HelmetJS - Install and Require Helmet

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On Solution Link (URL submission section) , it’s telling me “helmet version 3.21.3 should be in package.json”. The program runs smoothly and helmet 3.21.3 is the version that is shown on my package.json page, so I’m not yet sure what needs to be fixed. May someone help with this?

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solution: boilerplate-infosec - Replit

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Information Security with HelmetJS - Install and Require Helmet

Ok, so it seems like the issue might be with the link you may have provided. What link did you use for the solution? So far, I tried following this activity on replit, and clicked on “Open in New Tab” and then refreshed and waited like a minute or so, and was eventually able to get the link. I am guessing that might be the issue. Here is a screenshot of what I am referring to (see the button I have pointed out in red):

Once you click on that, you’ll be able to grab the link from the new page. So the solution link you are looking for might be something like:

Replace “YourReplitUsername” with your replit username. And then re-submit using the correct link. Let me know if that solves your issue.

Previously I used the URL at the top of the web page because I didn’t know where to find the live app link. However, using the link you showed me completely solved the problem. Thank you!