Infosec, Stock Price Checker - Confused about the 1 like instruction

I don’t understand if “only 1 like per IP should be accepted” refers to:

A. only being able to perform the “like” operation once, but being able to like either one or two stocks.

B. allowing only one like per IP, per stock, ie. allowing an IP liking several stocks but not registering more than one like from the same IP on each.

Plus, in case A is the answer, is the liking immutable, or if I like again will my latest decision prevail?

From the given example it kind of seems that the answer is A, but tbh it’s the option that makes less sense to me. Someone can invest in (or like) more than one or two stocks, and I’d even understand limiting the option to only one (which from the tests and the example is now pretty obvious it’s not the case), but liking either one or two seems weird. Honest question, if that’s the answer, what would the purpose of the app working that way be?

Thanks in advance.

A user (at a specific ip address) can like a million different stocks, but only should be able to like them one time each. This means, your app should only allow any given stock to be liked one time per ip address.

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Thanks! This makes much more sense. I was confused because when interacting with the provided example ( after my first like I wasn’t able to like other stocks.

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