Inherit styles- Help Challenge CSS not working

Now its working, forgot the brackets ! Lol

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Hi, Elineea. Can you elaborate for a bit… ah, never mind :slight_smile: If you have any question - feel free to ask. Those brackets can be nasty sometimes. Programming is strict as it gets then it comes to a trivia.

Hey thanks, yes indeed they can be nasty. I have another question for the next challenge- It seems I get stuck at every next challenge duh…

So the challenge is : Basic CSS: Prioritize One Style Over Another
My code goes here and it says its not working

Ah, now I get your problem. I can’t actually see your code at all. That’s because (I guess, dunno for sure but looks like), you can’t share your code just by a sending link here.

This link to a challenge is actually for everyone. It doesn’t save any code like jsbin or some other service. Try to paste your code here or use other services like jsbin or codepen. You can see it but it is only in your browser - I’m not able to even a glance at it :slight_smile:

I solved it it had a “;” missing lol lol. Thanks anyway. Maybe we can stay in touch and you could help if I get stuck?

Sure, why not.

My only suggestion is to try to solve your problems through different angles. Ask a few questions to yourself. Create a mental checklist, like: “Ok, it doesn’t work. There is my list? Ok, check the grammar. Are there any semicolons missing? Or commas? Or whatever? Ok, that’s next? Are there any nasty brackets? Let me figure this out too. Why this style is not applying like it should be? Am I place it in a right order? What are priorities of a class and ID selectors? Which one is higher? And etc.”

It will drastically improve your own learning speed because you will be self-sufficient in finding any common mistakes that occur as you learn. That else this thinking will do for you, is that it will show people that you are meticulous in a good sense. You may ask a few similar questions about missing commas here and there, but soon will realize that nobody answering your questions any more. Try to be a bit, just a little bit, more detailed in your programming pursuit. It will help you in a long run. Cause it is not a sprint, but a marathon. You are doing great!

Good luck!

Yes I understand, thanks.

But don’t hesitate to ask questions. I’m not sugar-coating you from asking novice questions. This is that this forum is for. Asking questions is great! Just try to solve problem through a different angles. Use mental checklist. Spend good 10-15 minutes on solving a problem.

Sometimes, I spent at least an hour before solution comes to my mind. It is alright. We all do this.

Another thing that I may suggest to you - create a text file or a journal or just take plain texbook and a pen, where you will write same questions but to yourself. For me, that was a godsent. It helps a lot to have someone to ask, even if that is yourself! :slight_smile:

So, framework is this. Stucked? Mental checklist, 10-20 minutes on a problem, check everything. Still stucked? Write a question to yourself. Do something else. Still stucked? Ask a question on a forum. Problem solved :slight_smile:

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