Initialize a and give it a value of 9

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var myVar = 0;
var a;
var a = 9;
//tests completed

not accepting my answer and all the suggestions i find online come back to this code or a very close variation but still the problem give me the message " You should initialize a to a value of 9 ."

No idea why??? Help would be appreciated…

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Challenge: Initializing Variables with the Assignment Operator

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I think the tests are seeing too many lines in your code. You need one single line here to do everything, and in that line you need to initialize a to 9

thank you…i have tried what you suggest and a number of very similar variations before creating this help post but none have worked.

var a = 9; does not work???

is that your whole code?
for me it works

maybe try updating your browser to latest version, or deactivate browser extensions

Really strange? I disabled all extensions, my vpn, cleared my cache, verified version and still errors on that question so I tried different browsers, i.e., Chrome, Waterfox and Tor and my answer was accepted as correct in all of them. Several hours wasted going in circles to nowhere…now I can move on…

Oh…fyi, my default browser at the center of this issue is Brave.

Thank you very much for your help…