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Please can anyone help with this stage!
I cannot proceed out of this stage after initializing the three variable a, b and c.
There is something wrong with my code but i cannot just figure it out

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// Only change code below this line
var a = 5;
var b = 15;
var c = "I am a string!";
// Only change code above this line

a = 5 + 1;
b = 10 + 5;
c = c + "string";

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Challenge: Understanding Uninitialized Variables

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HI @achiemeke !

I would reset the lesson.

Make sure to only edit the code in the top part here

Do not touch code anywhere else.

Make sure to assign the correct value for a,b,c.

These values are incorrect

Here are the correct ones.
Initialize the three variables a , b , and c with 5 , 10 , and "I am a"

Hope that helps!

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