Initializing Variables with the Assignment Operator help me please

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// Example
var ourVar = 19;

// Only change code below this line
var num = 9; //

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the instructions say:

Define a variable a with var and initialize it to a value of 9.

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You’ve followed most of the instruction correctly. The only problem is that you have not used the correct name for the variable. Your new variable is called ‘num’ but the instructions say “Define a variable a”
So just fix that and it should work.

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It is common to initialize a variable to an initial value in the same line as it is declared.

`var myVar = 0;`

Creates a new variable called myVar and assigns it an initial value of 0 .
is the same as
create a new variable called a and assigns it an initial value of 9 .
so it becomes

var a = 9;

thanks kittykora,JS be giving me joy