Initializing variables

Hi i’m having trouble with this exercise, please forgive my incredible ignorance to this I bet the solution will be something so clear once its explained to me.

below is the unadulterated code
// Only change code below this line

var a;

var b;

var c;

// Only change code above this line

a = a + 1;

b = b + 5;

c = c + " String!";

what I i did was where it says only change code below this line is the I added “= 6;” to var a, “=15;” to var b and “=I am a String!;” this doesn’t work

another thing i tried was make var a =5; var b=10 and var c= I am a, this also did not work I thought this would be the correct solution cause it asks me to initialize var a,b, and c, which is what I thought the “=” sign did

any help you can would be awesome, also if you could explain it like i’m 5 that would be great cause when it comes to code i’m pretty much 3

Can you please show the code you used with a = 5, b = 10, ect?

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Hi Jeremy thank you for your reply I feel so dumb it seems the prob i was having was not putting “” marks around my var C = I am a; I have now successfully passed this stage.

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Congratulations! It’s often the little things that trip us up.