Input one row - create multiple rows with extra columns


I asked this before but got now replies - trying again in a more simple form.

I’m a beginner to coding and I’m trying to absorb as much as I can on youtube. I’m coding in AppScripts (javascript I think) for Google Sheets.

I would like to Input one row of data. The output I want is multiple rows of data with new columns.

Eg. if I put in

I’d like to output multiple rows like

Date/Category B/AmountB …

The output data would depend on rules based on the input Category.

The bit I can’t find any help on is how to get an output of multiple rows in an array, based on the input of one row of an array.

Can anyone guide me to the right operator that I can learn?


Haven’t tinkered with scripting Google yet, but an idea to play around with might be a two part thing.

The User types in the values which you might think of as column names, but which we can use internally as object property keys. For example, if the user enters Date, Group, Title, then you can create an array of objects:

    Date: "",
    Group: "",
    Title: ""

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