Inspiration for Card system for Personal Website?

Hey guys,

I’m working on my personal website, and I’m struggling to get my head around this component I’m working on. I know that being challenged is good! but I think I might need another opinion to figure out how I should tackle this.

I’m looking to build a responsive card based system, which will have some information about the project and a background image for said project in each card.

I’ve worked on something here which will display on Desktop but In hindsight I should have focused on the mobile approach. Hindsight ay!

My brain has kind of melted from focusing on getting this to work and I’m unsure where to go regarding research as I’ve been going around in circles for the past few days with this right now lol.

Also its important to note that I’m working on the main project in React and I plan on building it in my main project once I feel I have an understanding and I’ve made things work how I want to.

Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated and if anyone has a simpler way for me to do this I’ll definitely take a look.