Install Bootstrap with NPM, Bootstrap don't run

I’m trying to install with through npm Bootstrap and run it on Visual Code,
but something going wrong.

the step by step what I did.

  1. created new folder

  2. open it wit Git Bash

  3. npm init

  4. npm install bootstarp
    //and got such packeg.json file

  5. then added simple .html file with some bootstrap

but bootstrap didn’t work
when I inserted bootstrap SDN link it work perfectly but it didn’t work without it.

I have read the documentation but there nothing more than I have done.
Could somebody suggest what I’m doing wrong.

Bootstrap npm only gets the files for you. You have to link them in your HTML. The files don’t do anything if they are not linked. If you choose to link them locally, you will need to make sure you upload them to your hosting.

I prefer the CDN because then I don’t have to keep track of the files.

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I just studding npm and try bootstrap because it have sass extension at the same time.