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basically I don’t undersatand it at all
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function funtionWithArgs(){
return 1 + 2
} ;
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Challenge: Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

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Hi @ldde07 !

Welcome to the forum!

Learning how to work with functions can be confusing at first.

Maybe looking at an example that I created might help your understanding.

Here is a function I created called multiplyWithArgs that has two parameters and logs that result to the console.

function multiplyWithArgs(num1, num2){

num1 and num2 are function parameters.
They act as placeholders for the real values.
You can call these parameters whatever you like.
It is best to choose names that make sense for the problem you are working on.

If I wanted to call the function then I would use the function name and pass in real numbers as the arguments.

Here is an example


That line of code will execute the function and multiple 2*5.
You will see the result of 10 in the console.

This is what my example looks like all together.

function multiplyWithArgs(num1, num2){


The structure of my example is similar to your challenge.

Your task in the challenge is to create a function with two arguments, log their sum to the console and call that function with two numbers as arguments.

Hopefully all of that made sense. :grinning:

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