Insurance automation

hi, how are you doing today i have a question to ask you guys, am a insurance broker and I wanted to know what programing language to I need to learn to create an online insurance comparator ex: the website visitor enter his info and then a robot or system sends it to our partner’s and bomb all of the prices for that insurance policy is shown.

what language do I need to know to do this?

P.S if you guys have any ideas that are better or easier than this please let me know or something that may convert better please tell me.

P.P.S there is no API’S, and I just want to copy and past the info to our partner’s site to get the quotas then show them to the customer.

After you have permission so they don’t think you’re hacking their server. Did they really program their own server? Or are they using some insurance industry service? I use a subscription SAAS formerly called Infusionsoft now called Heap. As part of my automation flow I can submit a Post action to any server or service, but I need their internal server details to do it. Depending upon their integration with Heap or lack of it I may or may not be able to receive something back, in which case I need my own server to receive and process results. Assuming you have no subscription to SAP, Salesforce, or something else, you need to know HTML forms Post actions thoroughly (minimum) probably other HTTP commands like in REST even though there is no API. You’ll want to receive and process the returned info so add a backend language like PHP. Alternatively you can do a lot of processing, visualization or display search results in the browser with javascript.

There is always the no code route that sites offer which are either SAAS or PAAS. They let you create an app from a spreadsheet or app from their own site and possibly connecting everything with a service like Zapier. It takes time to learn to use these sites for non-trivial things, but you’re not learning a language, then learning how to apply it to your situation.