IntelliJ creating a hyperlink from a print statement?

So I’m making a card game with IntelliJ and using Java, and I’m running into this issue where I have “/\\” in my code to print the output “/\” so it prints the image correctly on the card. Now, the weird part is wherever I have specifically either " /\\ " or "=/\\ ", it prints it like so in these three images:
*Line of code for issue line of output shown after each image

"|  |      /\\     /\\     |  |"


"|  | '-<_><_><_><_>=/\\  |  |"


"|  |      /_/    _  /\\  |  |"

So it’s printing “/\” like I want it to, it’s just making it blue and underlined. Also, when I click on it, it just opens the files app on this page, regardless of which hyperlink I click:

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to either remove these hyperlinks, or at the very least make the output not be blue and underlined?