Interactive cource for python

Hi all,
I wanted to know by when would the interactive course for python be ready?

Online Courses -

I’ll provide links to some sites, which I’ve followed and are filtered out of most. There are many, just go with what works for you.

  • The Python Tutorial (Python’s official documentation). The reason that I’ve included this here is that, for example, a tutor may teach you 2–3 operations on strings and will JUST show you what more operations can be performed(many courses on UDEMY does it as well), but documentation teaches you EVERYTHING. you will not miss out on a single topic). So, for example: A dictionary, in any course, you will be taught only it’s declaration sample_dict = {'a' : 1, 'b' : 2, 'c' : 3}. But documentation teaches you:

I hope this will help you

when enough volunteers have contributed to the project and finished it, it will be released

I believe we can contribute through github??

you can read at about contributing - the curriculum expansion is in a repository called curriculumExpansion, not in the main repo

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Ok thanks :slight_smile: