Interactive design?

Hello, so I am loving front end development and everything I am learning so far and I was planning on gettin a bachelors in computer science but I have just learned that my school offers a program in Web development and interactive design. I was thinking about getting a bachelors instead In this since I would like to be a front end developer (even tho I would like to learn php and ruby but can do on my own time)

What is you opinion on this? Is interactive design and web development a good degree program and will I still be A good candidate for job in front end development even with this degree (I ask this because I see a lot of ba in computer science or equivalent in job searches)

Thankyou so much and have a wonderful day!

Design has been around for thousands of years and isn’t going anywhere. Web sites aren’t getting any less interactive. Seems like a pretty decent career track to me. The most important question is: do you enjoy it?

yes, I have been learning with free code camp (and other resources) and loving every step! It’s the one thing that I find enjoyable right now even above my phone games and that saids a lot haha!

I’ve also just started and doing my first few interactive design projects. I’m looking towards full-stack/front-end and setting up a path accordingly.

I don’t have enough experience to add to your question, but I thought you might enjoy this:

It’s a free course, not very long, and just gave me a good sense of modern design on a webpage. Took me a couple hours with some notes, some great resources in the free e-book. Check it out

Wow Thankyou so much for the amazing resource! I am defiantly going to take that class up on Udemy! If you don’t mind me asking, what are some ways you will be setting up your path for full stack/front end?

I’m taking everything in baby steps because the more I learn, the more I understand the path I need to be taking. Right now priority number one is completing the fCC. While I’m doing that I might take up a more in depth JS course on Udemy, otherwise I will certainly be doing a lot of additional research as I go through the course because JS is going to be my bread and butter.

I have my eyes on React and Node in the future, but as I said, that may change depending on what I learn along the way.

The most common advice I see it to decide what kind of job you want, and work backwards. I’m looking at entering the industry with a strong sense of front-end capabilities, and an understanding of back-end if required. Therefor my path is JS. If you’re looking at doing more back-end financial or otherwise, it looks like Python is a top choice.

I’m really too inexperienced to be dishing out advice at this stage, but hopefully you find what you’re looking for