Interactive Tutoring Website


I made an interactive tutoring website which can be found at

The programming I can handle myself, it just takes time and perseverance. The design though, that’s tough. I’m not artistically inclined. I can do my best, but it will not measure up to the artists on Dribbble etc.

Recently I hired a guy on Fiverr for 30 bucks to design my landing page. I was able to use parts of the same design to update my login and signup pages. I think he did a good job and they look pretty great.

Please let me know what you think of the design on the landing page, the register page, and the login page. I also would like to get some input on the design of the other pages. I know that the lobbychat design is garbage, but the collaborative room designs are not horrible imo!

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I’m not the best judge of design either, but I’d give the signup button a larger bottom margin because depending on the screen size it’s only a few pixels from the bottom of my screen and other screen sizes too.

Ooh, is this Leafie v2?