Interactivity with developer console

Is there any event listener or any other way through which after right-clicking and selecting inspect (opening the dev console), we can change the styling of the page just like google’s landing page does?

Isn’t it just responsivity for a less wide viewport? if you do it on this forum it does something similar

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Can you be more specific? I don’t know what you mean regarding the behavior of Google when you open devTools.

I mean, in the landing page, when you open the dev console by inspecting the element, the size of the png image(google) decreases and the search bar, the two buttons move up a little bit.

I got that and I searched about it and got the resize event and it did work but the difference is it(google landing page) only responded when the viewport height changed, nothing happened on changing the width. I know we can add a conditional statement in the event listener with height but is there any other way for the window to just respond on changing the height.

Ok. This isn’t a DevTools thing. It’s a resize thing.
You can respond to a resize event:

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