Interest in Salesforce Content?

Anyone interested in writing about or learning more about Salesforce?

If there is a general interest in anything Salesforce related, especially on the developer side, I’d be happy to start building out a guide for that! Salesforce’s rapid changes in the development front mean that there’s a lot of old/outdated information out there and it would be a good idea to build a forum here for these topics.

I now that there are a lot of Salesforce certified professionals who would more than happy to lend their knowledge and experience.

Possible topics:

  • Overview of Salesforce CRM structure & objects
  • Apex, Visualforce, SOQL, and SOSL language guides
  • Guide for new developers starting out with Salesforce
  • Guide for experienced developers moving into Salesforce
  • Best practices for developers (limitations, declarative vs programmatic, etc.)

Thank you for your time!


I am interested since at my job we work with a lot of salesforce and I find Trailhead’s trainings very extensive (every challenge has a wall of text).

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Great! What kinds of trainings or topics would be helpful for you?

I’m really interested in APEX programming and Visual Force.

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Very interested! I’m a complete beginner at all of this, but am finding that my University that I work for has a serious need that I think could be accomplished with salesforce, so I’d love to take that opportunity and try to learn SF development on the side so that I could potentially build something out and present them with a mock-up.

Very interested. I came here to learn Java, partially as preparation to work with Apex.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Just FYI, this topic is a year old and the OP hasn’t been on the forum in several months, so it’s not very likely that you will get a reply.