Interested by more contributing to Freecodecamp

Hi Everyone,

I am Ismail, I am a Fullstack developer mainly focused on the MERN stack. I am interested in contributing and be involved more in FCC.

I have some questions though :

Are github issues the only way to contribute to the source code ?
How can someone express his interest into joining the core team of FCC ? Are the conditions to join the FCC core team defined somewhere ?
Is there anyone who is working full time on FCC ? Are there any job positions if that is the case ?

Thanks in advance for that outstanding project

Hey there,

The general workflow is described in the Contribution Guidelines |

So, I summary might be:

  • Raise an issue, if you see one which has not already been raised.
  • Open a pull-request, provided it has a help wanted or first-timers welcome label, and there is no other open PR.

In general, you express your interest, by being an active member within the freeCodeCamp community. I have not seen this defined anywhere, but everyone on the core team (not entirely sure whether you mean staff or just GitHub organisation member) started as a Camper.

Yes. There is something like 10 (±2) fulltime staff working for freeCodeCamp.

I am not too aware of this, but job positions are not advertised. I believe people are asked to join - they do not apply.

As I say, the contributors docs have a lot more information.

Hope this clarifies some.


Thanks for all the insights

Where can we see the core team’s vision regarding the next features that will be deployed ? Is it only on Github issues ?

Hey there~!

Quincy has shared the plan for the project based curriculum here on the forums, which is currently the “largest” planned feature. Everything else on the roadmap is usually discussed in GitHub issues, yes. :slight_smile:

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