Interested in Personal Portfolio Feedback

Hi all! I just finished my Personal Portfolio and I am looking for some feedback. Thank you in advance! Oh one thing; I’m not sure why this is, but once I minimize the screen the social icons disappear and the site looks a little out of whack. I’m hoping some one can help me out with that. Also the Contact Form is just a dummy. I still need to make it functional. Thanks again!

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@snknights , finally finished my portfolio project. Do you think you can take a look at it when you a moment? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks again!

This is really cool! I like the font that you chose for the site in general. I’m a big fan of the city picture in the background and all the features work. It definitely goes above the requirements for the project. The biggest challenge I have (and maybe you could solve it and help us both!), is getting those pictures to be properly sized regardless of how we arrange them; I’m coming to the conclusion that you have to just edit it outside or use an svg file. Anyway, this was well worth the wait–great work!

Thanks! and thanks again for taking the time to look over it. I really appreciate it! As far as sizing the pictures are concerned, I used a div with a class of "row " for each row of pictures. i.e. i have two rows of pictures (3 pictures in each row. So i used 2 classes of “rows”) I did have to resize one or two of the pictures manually. For example, the first pic in the portfolio section is for my tribute page. Towards the end of the URL is the height and width of the original picture. I was able to adjust the height and width. I hope that helps @snknights. If you ever want to pair up and work on a project, let me know. Also if you need any help, just shoot me an email. Dude, thanks again for your feedback!

Thanks @rrios1877! I would definitely like to work on a future project together. But first, it’s through the JavaScript lessons for me

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