Interesting article - 7 Timeless Lessons of Programming Graybeards

I came across this very interesting article on Programming Wisdom :-

and thought I’d share it with the rest of the community.


You know what I bet isn’t in the seven lessons? That IT magazines are generally the most vapid and insight-free sources of filler in the computing world. Here’s a snip from above the fold, and it only gets worse after.

The software industry venerates the young. If you have a family, you’re too old to code. If you’re pushing 30 or even 25, you’re already over the hill.

You know what would go a long way toward deflating this ridiculous attitude? Major IT publications not tossing it around like it was simply accepted wisdom. I don’t even care if it was intended as tongue-in-cheek. Would it be even remotely acceptable if they were talking about, say, women?


Yes, this quote is plain ridiculous. I’m 32 and a father of three, and I’m really offended by this. There’s so much stuff you “just know” when being older that a young person in his twenties can’t just grasp : life experience. There is much value in this and not reading this instead makes it look like a joke !