Intermediate Algorithm Scripting - Arguments Optional

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My code below here works in most of the tests, excepts for these two:
and “addTogether(2, “3”)”
when I console.log them, it just appears:“TypeError: addTogether(…) is not a function”. Can you explain that to me? Thank you so much.

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function addTogether() {
 const addTogetherArgs = arguments
if(typeof addTogetherArgs[0] !== "number" || typeof addTogetherArgs[1] !== "number"){
 return undefined
else if(arguments.length === 1){
return function addNumTwo(num2){
 return addTogether(addTogetherArgs[0], num2)

else {
 return addTogetherArgs[0] + addTogetherArgs[1]

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Challenge: Intermediate Algorithm Scripting - Arguments Optional

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If there is not a second argument, then the second argument is not a number

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Thank you, but why it shows that error:TypeError: addTogether(…) is not a function

Because you never return a function

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But I thought in here, I have returned this function addTogether

But that never happens because when you only have one argument, then the second is automatically not a number.

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