Intermediate Algorithm Scripting - Pig Latin

I am trying to figure out what “$&” do in the first replace (/[^aeiou]+\w*/, '$&way' ). I am familiar with using $ when there is a grouping () in the regex. Since there is no grouping in the regex, I am a bit confused. I can’t find anything online to help me make sense of what is happening here. The second replace makes perfect sense to me .replace(/(^[^aeiou]+)(\w*)/, '$2$1ay'). Using $ to change the group position. Just looking for some clarification on the first replace. I tried breaking down what was happening into parts (below) to try and make sense of what $& did when combined but got nothing. Thanks

//str.replace(/[^aeiou]+\w*/, '$' ) = a$
//str.replace(/[^aeiou]+\w*/,'&') = a&
//str.replace(/[^aeiou]+\w*/, '' ) = a
//str.replace(/[^aeiou]+\w*/, '$&' ) = original string "algorithm"
function translatePigLatin(str) {
  let regEx = /^[^aeiou]+/
  let string = str

  return str
  .replace(/(^[^aeiou]+)(\w*)/, '$2$1ay')



//str..replace(/[^aeiou]+\w*/,'$') = a$
//str.replace(/[^aeiou]+\w*/, '$&way' ) = algorithmway
//str.replace(/[^aeiou]+\w*/, '' ) = a
//str..replace(/[^aeiou]+\w*/,'$') = a$
//str..replace(/[^aeiou]+\w*/, '$&' ) = original string "algorithm"


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Challenge: Intermediate Algorithm Scripting - Pig Latin

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Looking at the official docs ( or the one-stop tool I use for reading the official docs (, we can see what they have to tell us about String.prototype.replace(), and in particular what we can specify in the replacement string.

Take a look in the table in that section, and see what it says for $& in the replacement string.

Super helpful. I was there but, I guess i missed that part. Thank you very very much!!

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