Intermediate Algorithm Scripting - Smallest Common Multiple

Hmm. Something is not working. It does not seem to be looping to the next i as I think it should.

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function smallestCommons(arr) {
let min=Math.min(...arr);
let max=Math.max(...arr);
let maxFact=1;
let flag=1;
let scm=0;
for (let j=min; j<=max; j++){
for (let i=max; i<=maxFact; i++){
  for (let k=max; k>=min; k--){
    flag=1;//SCM until it isn't
    if (i % k != 0){//if the k element of the range leaves a remainder for i
      break;//Not SCM. should leave K with flag=0 until it gets to SCM
  }//it should only leave k loop with flag=1 when it is at SCM
console.log(scm, i, flag);
  if (flag==1) {//if it has found an i without any remainders.
    let scm=i;
  }//otherwise next i.
return scm;


P.S. I just revised this swapping in a == for a =

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Challenge: Intermediate Algorithm Scripting - Smallest Common Multiple

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It seems to work if I move the return scm to above the break. The scm does not seem to have a value outside of the for loop.


Honestly, I am trying to figure out your logic, but somehow I can’t, though I solved it couple of times.


I would take a look at this line for the start.

I got it to work. :upside_down_face:

I tried your code in fcc console. It doesn’t pass the last test.
I commented out your line console.log(scm, i, flag); of course. But this doesn’t change things I guess. So if this code passes the tests on your end, it’s super strange. Well , for me at least

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