Intermediate Algorithm Scripting: Wherefore art thou

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I don’t know how to solve this. I’ve been on this test for far too long. Can someone help?

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function whatIsInAName(collection, source) {

  var sourceKeys = Object.keys(source);
  var arr = collection.filter(function (val, j){
    return val.hasOwnProperty(sourceKeys[j]) === true && val[sourceKeys[j]] === source[sourceKeys[j]];

 return arr;

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First, I think you need to add a console.log statements like below on a line before the return statement. You will need to use your browser’s console (Ctrl+Shft+J in Chrome) to be able to see what is displayed and then click on the arrays to see the arrays’ contents. This will at least show you what your current code is returning.

  console.log('source = ' + JSON.stringify(source))

See if this gives you some insight or at least allow you to ask more specific questions about what you do not understand regarding the results or the challenge expectations.

Ok, I think I get it. You have to iterate the source keys, so I have to for-loop the sourceKeys???

There are various ways to loop through the sourceKeys and a for loop is one of them.

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