Intermediate Front-End Projects

Here is my portfolio

Hi all, I just finished all basic and intermediate challenges and I’m super happy today! I just want to share my works with you all and hope you can give me some positive and negative feedbacks!

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They all definitely work. However I would go back and redo them with better CSS. Sure it works but the projects certainly can look a bit prettier.

That said Good Job so far! Keep it up! :slight_smile:

On your portfolio, you could add the next javascript:

window.addEventListener(“hashchange”, function() { scrollBy(0, -50) });

That way when you navigate through the navbar, it doesnt cover the headings.

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Thank you for your feedback. I know I suck in design. hehe . I feel like making them look good now would be a waste of time, because I have too much too learn… maybe, later on, I will go back and redo the css. Maybe web design is not for me :slight_smile:

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