Intermittent Testing

Hey all,
I am teaching myself how to code through this site and have so far found it to be an outstanding resource. My only issue is intermittent testing upon completion of big topics. Is there some sort of quiz or test that I can use to test what I have learned? If not this might be great to incorporate.

For example: You just finished Basic HTML and HTML5 course. The last optional lesson before moving to Basic CSS is a test that utilizes skills learned throughout the last 28 lessons of the course.

Does this exist (beyond the projects at the end)? Any feedback? Outside resources for this?


The freeCodeCamp approach is very much project based. The idea is that the only test that matters is the ability to go and try doing it. When students tell me that they want to test their skills earlier, my recommendation is not to wait until the end of a section to look at the projects. There’s no reason you can’t work on them little by little for weeks or months. Every so often, go into your first project and see if you understand the requirements better and if you can add a little bit more to the project.

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