Internet Connection Error

I am currently using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS in my laptop. I have no idea how to solve this error. My Wifi connection is working well on other devices. But, I can’t access internet connection from my laptop except Telegram application. (I mean I can’t use internet from Firefox, Brave Browser, etc… but I can use Telegram). When I use terminal and type “sudo apt update”, this error is showing.

Maybe should I install Ubuntu OS from scratch? I have no idea. Please help me.

Hi @shinn_thant

I am not sure about the internet connection failure. Judging by the error message on the terminal after attempting to run an update, looks like an update is actively taking place. Have you tried restarting the computer?

Yeah, I have tried so many time. It’s weird I can use internet on Telegram only.

Try disabling “use system proxy” to no proxy

In settings ,for internet

I think if u don’t have urgency to use it for something ,don’t reinstall just debug it.

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Ok I hope so not to reinstall OS

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