Internet of Things and Embedded Programming Where to Start?

Hello FCC community I was looking through the map and noticed that IOT and Embedded are coming soon. Any notice as to when they’ll be available?

If not do any community members know of resources that are great for beginners:

I’m open to using books, MOOCs, and anything in between.

Hi I’m new to the FCC community. I’m also looking to learn IoT and Embedded. I’ve checked back every now and then on the map and haven’t seen any change to it in the past year or so. Wondering if there will ever be anything on that.

For embedded, I’ve come across Tron Club, but it is a monthly subscription though. It would be good to have a community for immediate feedback when I get stuck on the firmware.

I know of but that is more of a github type of community and isn’t geared as much on learning fundamentals which is where I have been. Have you come across any good resources for this purpose?

@JeromeY @Brahmbha

I don’t know where either of you live, but pretty much every metropolitan area in the USA is host to meetups on, including Hackaday and, among others. Also, local makerspaces/hacker spaces are everywhere and may offer free or really cheap classes and communities. Here’s one source to find something near you:

That covers the community aspect. For self-study, there are books. Pick one. I recommend the most up-to-date books you can find, with good reviews. I also recommend starting out with Arduino and then going more low-level as you become more comfortable. That’s just based on my personal experience stubbornly trying it the other way around. A lot of things can go wrong between the hardware, software, connections to your computer, IDE configuration, etc. It can be overwhelming. Other people, who know a lot more than I do, say to learn the hard way. I suppose it depends on the person and what resources they have to learn with.

Finally, there are free online courses such as and others. But I personally tried several of them and they were always frustrating for one reason or another. So many tiny things can go wrong, it’s just better to be there in person. I spent a couple of weeks with no results before I realized that my usb hub, while still functional, had become faulty. I’ll never forget that. :rage:

Good luck and hey, I’m always looking for more people to learn/build/grow with, so come see me at or just talk to me here if you wish.