Internship interview with a blockchain start up (ADVISE NEEDED)

I have an internship interview with a blockchain start-up that not a whole lot of people know about yet. The tech they have is 5+ years better then any other crypto hardware wallet yet to be seen. I am trying to get an internship with them but don’t have a whole lot of tech experience besides my self-employed IT repair and some odd jobs here and there. I am afraid I might come off being a bit of a d bag because my personality likes to change upon me from min to min. How do I trick my mind to stay happy and energetic? What kind of questions besides programming questions am I to expect? What do I say if the answers don’t fall out of my head right away? Thanks for any info or links on the subject matter ahead of time. Love the free code camp community and wish you all the best in whatever you go for.

Side note: I am a college student who is going to school for my bachelor of computer science degree. Doing the certs because I lost my old account plus I need the refresher.

Go slowly, think about what you’ve been asked, ask them to repeat things if you’re not totally sure, ask them questions. Last one is really important. Find out everything that they do, ask about things in detail, link them to things you’re doing at uni. Don’t try to bluff answers, if you don’t know something say that, but, again, try to link to things you’ve worked with at uni or looked at yourself.

There’s not any kind of magic formula. It’s a really stressful situation that doesn’t bear much resemblance to any other situation you’re likely to be in. Listening carefully, expanding on answers and asking questions are the things that will help prevent you freezing.

You’re at uni/college. They aren’t going to expect you to have experience.

Also, as an aside (and as it’s an internship, not as much of an issue), but be very wary re “blockchain” related companies.

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