Internship, overwhelming and other nightmares

Hello, I’m Nico. I’m currently learning on freeCodeCamp, and I have almost finished the Front End Dev certification but I’m a little bit “stuck” (actually not really stuck but overwhelmed) and I want to ask you help to understand in which point of my path I am.

The things I’m currently doing are:

  1. Build up and make my Portfolio more responsive and good as possibile. I continue to be unsatisfied about it, and I’m at the point to restart from 0 to built it (for the third time). Here you can find it

  2. I’m learning React and Redux to complete the Front End part, and do the projects on freeCodeCamp website.

  3. I’m learning a little bit of sorting algorythm (I mean the first part of job interviews and coding, also this on freeCodeCamp).

  4. I’m reading something about UX/UI because I’m interested in too.

  5. I have a project for a friend, who would like to have a website for her illustration, and I would like to make it with Wordpress, so she can access easy and add the contents that she want.

  6. I’m trying to land in an internship in Front End Dev, because I think it could be a good practical experience, and maybe it could be also the jump to land a work, because a lot of Companies search for people with experience or diplom/university qualifications. I specify that I don’t have any title in Informatic, nothing except the fCC certification.

Any suggestion to manage all of these things? Do you think I’m doing it well? What can I improve of my schedule? Most important: what about the internship?


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Any suggestion to manage all of these things? … What can I improve of my schedule?

Task management is an important part of the job. Research time management. I like to keep a list of things I need to do. Every night before I go to bed I review what I’ve done that day and come up with a plan for tomorrow. In the morning I review that plan. But you need to figure out what works for you.

Do you think I’m doing it well?

I don’t know in terms of time management, but you seem to be doing the right things. The only thing that I’d add is that at some point you probably want to get some backend in there. Even a little bit helps, and allows you to make more interesting demo projects.

Most important: what about the internship?

I don’t know what it is like in your country. In the US, an internship is usually a low paying job for a student. In some cases, I think they are required to use students. If it were the US, I would advise to keep working and shoot for a junior/entry-level position, try to find some freelance work in the meantime, maybe some open-source/volunteer stuff. Don’t think that I’m making that sound easy - it’s very hard, but it’s the same difficult path we all have to travel.

Thank you for the tips!

Hi Nicolò,

After looking at your portfolio, I’ll recommend start moving your projects to GitHub, and create separate Github pages for each one of them

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