Internship resume review

Hello, this is the first resume I’ve ever created and I’m hoping it can help me get an internship soon. I’d like to get some feedback. Here’s the link Khosrov_Yavarifar_-_Web_Developer (1).pdf - Google Drive

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What is the page limit for CVs based on where you are? If it’s just 1 then fine but if it’s max 2 pages then it will be worth extending it to 2 pages.

This would allow you to detail your projects in more detail. You mention a list of technical skills - on each project it would be great if you then detail how each was used. It’s good to get into specifics for each one to show understanding of that tech

Normally for CVs I’d advise only showing details relevant to the position applied for. However I would argue that being skilled in languages can indeed cross over to programming

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